New Arrival of MOS: Microsoft Word 2013

By | June 15, 2014

Microsoft’s exam 77-418 (Microsoft Word 2013) replaces Word 2010. This exam comes up with various new features included in the MS Office 2013.The primary objective of the exam is to provide specialization of Microsoft Office 2013. It measures your abilities on the following technical skills:

  • Managing and creating word document
  • Insert and format objects
  • Creating tables and lists
  • Paragraphs, texts and formats
  • Applying references

Word 2013 provides new and improved features for editing, managing, collaborating, spanning document. These advanced features by Microsoft include the following:

·         Online Connectivity of Documents: Microsoft Word Web App enables user to present their word document online. For this you must sign into your Microsoft Account to use this feature. The interface support candidates while making  their presentation. Pictures, videos can directly be attached to the document from the websites such as You Tube, Bing Video search etc.

·         Added Applications: Useful applications have been added to the improved Word 2013 to bring more and more creativity in the document presentation. Now you can use Merriam-Webster Dictionary and eFax app for Word 2013 while creating and managing document.

·         New Designing Tab: Complete word document can be formatted with this new designing tab. Microsoft office 2013 comes with new formatting options with proper sequential arrangement of all the features for stylizing a document  in one tab which was missing in earlier versions of word 2007 and 2010.

·         New Improved Collaboration: It becomes difficult to collaborate with other on the word document and conversation becomes a tough job as every statement is quickly considered as new comment by the ‘Words Comment’ tool. It has become easier in MS Word 2013 to reply to a comment within the comment by clicking the ‘Comment Reply’ button and it captures the complete comment into a single comment box which appears as a small bubble within the documents margin. Change tracking feature can also be locked and it can’t be unlocked unless provided with the correct password. Mark-up’s can be hidden with the new ‘Simple Mark-Up’ option.

·         Editing and Opening PDF’s inside Word: Word 2013 comes with feature of editing PDF documents internally. It provides Editing text; tables or lists, re-sizing pictures, adding, removing and highlighting information are all possible as well. Word 2013 protects your PDF file and prevents it from the virus injected files.

·         New Alignment Guides: This new feature helps in lining up images and helps to move images, Smart Arts, Clip Arts and Charts around a document. It is automatically shown when the object is lined up with other elements on the page. The guides also show you when the object is lined up to key page locations, such as the edge of the page and the left and right margins.

·         Enhanced Reading Mode: Word 2013 has provided new way towards Reading Mode in a manner that all the required utilities only appear and useless utilities disappear from the view unless there is any use of them. This provides a lucid view and helps user to pay attention only to the required content .This mode can be activated via using proper mode from the word 2013.

The new MS Office provides variety of platforms to the candidates having basic and fundamental knowledge of word environment. It’s a new internet friendly word 2013 which enables user to prepare professional-looking reports, multi-column newsletters, resumes, and business correspondence.

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